Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bea*side Myself

Well, the assholes are at it again.

The following is a close-to-direct transcript of a conversation I just had with a white man in his forties on a dating app.  It is not a direct transcript because I blocked him at the conclusion of our talk, which thereby erased the conversation.  I will try to be as faithful as possible to what was said on both sides.

Again, as before, I will use A for Asshole and B for Bea.

A: You chopped off your dick so you could become a 50s housewife?

B: 1. That isn't how actually a vaginoplasty works, it's more of an inversion of the penis.

B: 2. You're assuming that I've had one.  Maybe I have, but it really isn't your business in the first place.

B: 3. I actually call it more of a 60s aesthetic.

B: 4. Last time I checked, my existence wasn't hurting you in any way, so maybe keep the hateful comments to yourself next time.

A: You're right, your existence doesn't hurt me at all, but it's killing your mother!!!

B: Funny, she just dropped me off and we had a lovely time.

A: She's crying inside.

B: Honey, my self worth is so much bigger than you right now. But since you apparently haven't learned how to appreciate human beings, I'm gonna go ahead and block you.

A: I always block your sick kind.

B: Well since you're seeking out "my sick kind," I hope you can do some self work and figure out what it is that compels you to behave in this way.

B: I'm gonna go keep my living my fulfilling life surrounded by people who love me.

B: Have a great day, it's really beautiful outside.

B: Bye.

It just boggles me that people go out of their way to be so hateful. What is going on in these people's personal lives that they need to lash out against other people minding their own business?  I don't know.

I vented about the encounter to a close friend, who reminded me that I never have to engage with these bigots.  I told him I knew, but that as long as I don't stoop to their level, hopefully it could be an actual learning experience for them.  Given their current levels of ignorance, it seems unlikely, but it's a nice thought, at least.

Oh, well.  This man ain't getting me down today!  Got too much goodness for that man to squander with his little bit of bad. Moving on and up!

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