Friday, May 9, 2014

And now, a moment to thank our sponsors (brought to you by PBea*S)

Dear Readers,

First off I want to apologize for the unintended hiatus I've taken from trans*posing pearls. Part of it was definitely having to redirect my efforts and energy toward my poetry blog during April, part of it was letting school get the better of me for a spell, and part of it, which is also the reason for this post, was that I had a lot of trouble installing that fancy new PayPal donation button you see over on the upper left.

Why am I asking you for money?

I recently discovered that an amazing playwright friend of mine—one who has already at a young age enjoyed many a professional production—does not believe in blogs.  In his mind, if his profession is writing, if he feeds his belly with the words that he fuses, why should he do it for free?

I am also a writer.  I have been writing since a very young age, I write for myself and I write for others, I write professionally (who can forget that episode of All My Children last August?), and considering the amount of time I put into this blog and the number of readers I have already accumulated, I think it only fair to ask that you chip in a few bucks (or more, please) every so often.  If you don't like the little percentage PayPal takes for itself (I know I don't), then toss me a quarter or a five or a hundred next time I see you in person.

What can you expect from me?

I really care about this blog.  It is imperative to incorporate more transgender narratives into our cultural landscape if our society is going to become more affirming of non-normative people, and I pledge to write you those narratives: mostly my own, but also those I find in the news, those I find in my activism work (like in Berlin this summer), and those I find in my friendships.  

If you have enjoyed trans*posing pearls thus far, please help make it feasible for me to keep it going.  I have a list of at least half a dozen entries in my brain waiting to be written, and I would dearly love to share them all with you.

Remember to check your privilege ;)


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